NCFE – Engineering V Certs

About This Project

We visited a couple of NCFE’s approved schools who run their V Cert qualifications (technical qualifications for vocational learning) to find out more about what it’s like teach them and also to be a learner studying one.  Sometimes it’s better to let your customers do the talking, because you can generate a lot of genuinely good content and we think that this series of case study videos are a great example of just that. We were able to create a huge range of content from the day which they were really pleased with.

All of the videos are a great example of filming learners in action and bringing NCFE qualifications to life – you see them actually working towards the V Cert qualifications that are being discussed. Learners are at the heart of what NCFE do, so to include them in case studies makes perfect sense.  Combined with the tutors’ views on qualification delivery and the vocational nature of the learning (it’s much more hands on) the resulting videos are well rounded, and were fun for us to film too.