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About This Project

If you don’t know what an escape game is, where have you been? Now’s the time to find out.  When you look at cities across Europe on travel review sites, you’re likely to find a local escape game among one of the top attractions and there’s one right in the heart of Newcastle, called EXIT.


Ok so we love escape games and EXIT is a favourite of ours, so making videos to promote the company and their 3 themed game rooms was a labour of love; their aim was to boost bookings for their games and to increase brand awareness.


To help them with their objective of raising their profile and gaining more interest, they also asked us to design a promotional flyer to accompany the videos.  Using existing photography and their brand colours, they needed something functional but exciting to inform people about the key facts for each game, how to book and where to find them – we kept the design to a gamified theme to fit in with EXIT’s brand.

When it came to filming, time was of the essence as we needed to film our actors solving some puzzles in the game rooms, which meant the company would be offline and unable to take bookings throughout the duration.  That was okay for us, as seasoned escapees and video producers we had a good plan, having storyboarded carefully and a detailed shot list to hand we managed to capture it all against the clock, before our time ran out.


Each game has a distinct theme that really shows when you watch the individual game videos, particularly their horror game ‘The Attic’ which received a great reception when shared on social media and we got the feeling from the team at EXIT that they were buzzing about the results.  We got great feedback on all of the videos and look forward to seeing what themes the EXIT game masters come up with next.


Exit Newcastle

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