How We Do It

Our process


Talk us through your idea – we’ll probably have some initial questions for you to have a think about so that we can get your project off to the best start.


You’ll probably find that we’ll suggest ideas as well..!


We’ll work with you to develop the idea. This includes understanding your objectives and will likely involve scripting/storyboarding, location scouting and planning usage of the content.


We’re ready to arrange a dates for the video shoot(s). Or maybe it’s an animated project and we need you to share certain brand assets with us.


The content is created and any supporting assets such as audio tracks and voiceover recordings are brought into the project.


All creative work and editing will take place in our dedicated studio, equipped with high-end workstations using various Adobe Creative Cloud products.  Your content will be edited and optimised for the distribution methods we agreed during pre-production.


You’re ready to share it with your audiences! We can support you through this stage to make sure content is being uploaded correctly so that it has the best possible chance of success…


…and if you don’t mind then we’ll probably share it too 🙂