Trapped in a room, restrained to a bench…

I’ve always liked puzzles and brain teasers.  Having played loads of ‘escape game’ apps, I was rather excited when local entrepreneurs started setting up live escape rooms in the North East.

My first live escape game experience 3 years ago was way better than I thought it’d be, and now looking back it’s clear to see how far this industry has developed.  There’s so much creativity and planning to make the rooms immersive and exciting.

We had the opportunity to work with EXIT Newcastle to create a range of promotional videos – my love for video plus escape rooms was surely going to be a good combination.  Gemma and I had a clear vision in mind and we worked with their friendly team to carry out a film shoot one afternoon.  We produced a main promotional video and 3 ‘game videos’ to promote their 3 different rooms.

One of their rooms has a scary theme – called The Attic – it was an opportunity to convey a fearful emotion in the video.

The social media reaction suggests the video was very successful!

They shared the video on Facebook and within a matter of minutes there were loads of comments – people tagging their friends… “OMG we have to do this!”.  It was clear to see the video was going viral while the headquarters of Cronnie Creative and Exit Newcastle were glued to our monitors watching the reactions.

This generated a large spike in bookings and revenue for EXIT Newcastle, an instant return on their investment into video marketing.

Of course, while this is a great success story, you can’t guarantee a viral effect on every video (sorry folks, just being a realist) – but we’ll make you a bloody good video that has every chance!