5 Ways To Use Animated GIFs In Your Social Media Content

The animated GIF has just reached its big 3-0 and who can believe it? It’s certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings (who’s old enough to remember the tacky dancing clipart of the 90s – ah good times!)

But now is not the time for nostalgia. The animated GIF hasn’t faded in time along with crimped hair and Jason Donovan.  In actuality, animated GIFs are more relevant today than ever.  Enjoying a second phase of popularity due to their compatibility with social media platforms, these moving images leave static content in the dust.

Let’s take a look at why:

1. Bring your messages to life

We all know it’s tough to cut through the noise on social media and ensure your content doesn’t get lost in translation. Animated images make text-only posts so much more appealing to the eye. What’s more, you can simply repurpose existing content – go on, give your infographics, stats, quotes and testimonials a “gif-y” makeover and release them again to the world. You’ll enjoy a second wind of engagement as the content is brought to life once more.

2. Go viral

Try to disconnect yourself from your brand and your sales messages for a minute and get into the mindset of your audience. What might they connect with – it really could be anything! Think outside the box and create something quirky, something lively that will generate likes and shares.

3. Tease your audience

Consider an animated image in the same way as you would consider a headline in a newspaper. The purpose is to intrigue. For example, you could give the key points of a blog or an article up-front as a GIF to entice your audience, encouraging them to click through and find out more.

4. Showcase your photos

Animated GIFs are a fab way to showcase photographs – Flipagram style! The ideal balance between an image and a video, this tool helps you tell a short story and could be useful for example, when it comes to sharing photographs from an event to encourage repeat registrations.

5. Highlight a moment

Create interesting mini videos that loop back and forth – emphasising a point, celebrating success, capturing a moment, building a message, causing humour, expressing yourself. Your audience has a short attention span – their eyes are on you only briefly so make it count.

Fast, convenient and engaging, we’re all still in love with the animated GIF 30 years on. We’re also all apparently pronouncing it incorrectly – who knew it’s supposed to be ‘jif’ not ‘gif’ (remind you of a certain household cleaning product?!)

So, if you’re keen to get moving (pardon the pun!) with animated GIFs, then why not get thinking about what content might work for you and on which platforms? You could even build a campaign around multiple GIFs working together. If you need any support on getting started, just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help (once we’ve finished eating the 30th birthday cake – any excuse…)!