5 Reasons Why You Should Be Creating Case Study Videos

We’re bored. We all are. In a world of hyperbole, we don’t need to be told by yet another company why they’re the best ever, the number one, the market leading, the cutting edge. In fact, we don’t even believe it. The proof, as it were, is most definitely in the pudding. Enter case study videos.

Whether it’s creating case studies with customers to promote sales or with employees to attract talent, here are just a few reasons why these videos can be a lot more valuable and convincing than even the snappiest of straplines:

1. Get real

Saturated by adverts that consume our daily lives and even follow us around the internet, sometimes we just need a real person to tell us how it is, ideally in their own words. Hearing first hand from customers or employees – as long as it’s genuine – both supports your marketing claims as well as showcasing success in terms of the end result of your products and services. Save your customers the hassle of reading reviews – give them what they want up front and centre!

2. The gift that keeps on giving

From just one short case study video, you’ll get some fantastic sound bites and footage that have a lifespan and a reach far beyond the initial project. This kind of valuable content can be reused as quotations in leaflets, brochures, blogs and newsletters, as video snippets on social media, as testimonials on your website. The stills from the video can even be used as photography on your marketing material rather than using stock images of models. Therefore, you can really maximise the return on investment when it comes to creating a case study video.

3. Once upon a time

The right storyline can really resonate with people if it is played out in the right way. Empathy is a natural human instinct and if you can see the impact something has made on someone else’s life, it is an easy switch to place yourself in their shoes. This is how you can connect emotionally with prospective customers or employees. Often, people react more to something that has made them feel than something that has made them think. If you can do both, even better!

4. Stay relevant

You have complete control to ensure your case study is perfectly positioned to your product or service offering and that the individual(s) featured within your case study reflect your consumer and their needs as closely as possible. The trick is for the viewer to think – ‘that could be me’! As a result, a case study video is a highly targeted and relevant way to reach and resonate with, your target audience. People react well to familiarity; someone sharing their problem and finding a solution.

5. Creating free brand ambassadors

Case studies are a great way to build trust in your brand, helping it to stand out amongst competitors. The individuals within your case study videos become real, visual brand ambassadors for your offering. Their experience highlights your organisation’s values and messages in a really subtle but powerful way. Creating these positive spokespeople strengthens the customer-product-service relationship, influencing behaviour.

Adding credibility and capturing the ever-wandering, consistently distracted attention of your audience – case studies are the happy ever after when it comes to showcasing your brand.

After all, why is TripAdvisor so popular?

Why do you scour Amazon for reviews?

Because you want to be reassured that someone else has had a positive experience. And does it have to be video? Well, it’s one thing to read about someone’s satisfaction and quite another to see it written all over their face. If you’re interested in taking a look at how video case studies could transform your marketing approach, just get in touch and we’ll have a chat.