5 Easy Ways To Prepare Content For Your Social Media

The power of social media. As an individual, it’s (rather sadly!) often the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing before bed. And as a business, there’s no doubt you have to be in the game.

But with over 30 million pieces of content shared every day, how do you stop your target audience from scrolling right past your message? And in a time pressured environment, how do you go about constantly creating fresh content that really connects?

Here are a few easy ways that you can prepare valuable content for your social media…

1. There’s no such thing as a new idea

Don’t shy away from sharing content not owned by your brand (as long as it’s not authored by a competitor or causes a business conflict!). It’s simple, it keeps your brand name on social feeds and if you’re time poor, it’s a good way to keep your accounts active. You know your audience so just ensure that it’s quality content that they will appreciate – maybe an interesting news article related to your sector. As long as you don’t rely too heavily on this technique, it helps to keep your organisation top of mind.

2. Capture the moment – then share and share again

Got an event? Hire a photographer/videographer! Make sure you choose someone that can get your photos / videos produced quickly (hey, over here!) so that they’re still timely when you share them. Not only can you share this content on social media at the time, it can often be repurposed for other marketing uses, lengthening the lifespan of the content and increasing return on investment.

3. Bring those stats alive

Why not commission a designed and branded infographic to showcase processes / stats / information in a visually appealing way? From that one long graphic, you can then create a whole host of additional supporting content – still graphics, GIFs, even video animations of varying lengths. Then you simply use automation and scheduling tools to disseminate this content, drip feeding it to your audience over a period of time, reinforcing your messages whilst keeping things fresh.

4. Find your angle, find your voice

Social media is not about one way traffic. It’s a conversation and the power is in the hands of the masses. In fact, one of the biggest marketing mistakes is to push out your sales messages whilst not listening to your audience response.

A blog can be a brilliant way to give your brand personality and take a stance on issues that matter to you and your audience. Find your voice, write your article (which doesn’t have to be lengthy), add an image, and share this on your social media. Hopefully, the content will inspire people to like, to react, to respond… or at least to think!

5. Going live… this is not a drill

Do a live video. Not only can you manage this yourself without the help of an outside agency, it’s also something that by its very nature needs little pre-planning. Pioneered through Twitter’s Periscope, live video is now on almost every social media platform, shifting the world of content marketing significantly.

Let in your audience, break down those barriers and jump into the raw and unknown, exploring the beauty of live. But what could you film? Well it doesn’t have to be ground breaking. In fact, the more authentic and accessible, the better! Maybe give your followers a tour around the venue when you’re at an event, give them a sneak peek behind the scenes at an awards ceremony, film your CEO boogieing away at the Christmas party… well maybe not. But you get the gist.

So, don’t be daunted by the prospect of filling your social media with engaging content that attracts followers to your brand. It’s easier than you think. Get planning, pull up a content calendar which aligns to your business priorities, and make each piece of that content really work for you.