5 Reasons To Show Off Your Company Culture Through Video

So you think your company’s got something special going on. Top people, a top place, top talent. But how do you let the world know? Well, a video goes a long way to externalising the internal in a dynamic and positive way. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Seeing is believing

Put your money where your mouth is and prove what you say in the job information pack. It’s one thing for a prospective employee to read that the working environment is top of the range but quite another to see it in action. Through a video, you’re providing proof behind your positive claims whilst also allowing people to visualise themselves as part of your environment.

2. The loyalists

It’s not just about attracting new talent. It’s also about retention. Everyone at times loses sight of what a great place they work for, particularly when they’re caught up in the daily grind or have that ‘Monday’ feeling. It’s easy to get complacent, especially for those colleagues who’ve been there so long they feel like part of the furniture. A video can very quickly drive a motivating, feel good factor, showing existing employees their workplace in a new light.

3. Engagement

You can get colleagues involved in the filming so they feel they’ve contributed and can reflect on their journey at work. If your employees are treated well (and as long as they’re not camera shy!) they’ll be more than happy to promote your business as a great employer – nothing beats some smiling faces and honest, genuine stories from people who really know the score. It’s the case study factor.

4. Versatile use

Videos on company culture work really well for awards submissions as support for applications, a genuine demonstration of your organisation at its best. And of course with this in mind, it’s great content for your social media channels, creating a buzz around you as a first choice employer. This is how reputations are built in the 21stcentury. And with that in mind…

5. It’s expected

Whether you like it or not, video is everywhere. A video on your company culture will show potential employees that you’re proud of the organisation and the people. It also shows that you’re prepared to invest in order to showcase this. People are changing how they live and work – companies are adapting their stance on culture to suit the flow of millennials. You don’t want to be left behind.

Of course, there are way more than 5 reasons why you should breathe fresh air into your organisation through video. What’s more, there are hundreds of ways to approach this kind of thing dependent on what makes your organisation truly shine.

Maybe you’d like the chance to shout about your apprenticeship programmes in light of the levy; perhaps you have some great talent management stories. It could be that your training and development is out of this world and learning is the key. Or maybe the innovative work spaces at your offices inspire your employees into doing great things.

Whatever makes your organisation and your people tick, we can help you build those ideas into a video that tells your story.