Why do people hate drones?

Wild, unmanned and invading our privacy; monsters of the air causing chaos and injury! If we were to believe all we read in the media, the world of drones would appear to be a very frightening one. But let’s take a minute to address the gap between perception and reality. Are drones just getting a bad press?

Take the incident at Heathrow in 2016. A BA flight from Geneva carrying 132 passengers was struck by an object thought to be a drone before managing to land safely. This kind of PR does not help with improving perceptions as the media frantically scaremongers about the ‘real and growing threat’ that drones can pose.

Whilst of course these kinds of rare and isolated incidents will cause concern, it’s frustrating that these are the only stories that are highlighted. The issue is that many people don’t understand the true capabilities behind drone technology. They don’t know that behind every negative story about an unauthorised drone being flown by an unqualified member of the public, there is another story about drones being used for search and rescue for example, saving people and animals.

Amazon Prime Air

There have also been some positive steps forward around drones being used within a commercial setting with Amazon Prime Air making its exciting debut delivery. That’s right, the first drone-delivered package was recently dropped off in Cambridge just 13 minutes after the order was placed. A real first in the shopping world, the move makes same day delivery a thing of the past – it’s all about delivery within half an hour!

Of course, again there have been concerns regarding safety but Amazon has been clear that they’ve conducted all of the necessary testing and will only fly the drones during daylight hours in good weather conditions to minimise any risk.

When you think about it…

It also comes down to individual responsibility. As a driver of a car, you have a responsibility to successfully pass your theoretical and practical tests and then operate your vehicle safely, paying close attention to your surroundings. Yet you will still find individuals who drive unlicensed or irresponsibly, oblivious to the problems they’re causing. With this in mind, you will hear of situations where accidents will occur and of course this doesn’t mean we should ban all cars!

Similarly, as an owner of a drone, you have a responsibility to operate it in a safe manner and ensure that you’re fully certified to prove that you have the skills to do this (of course it goes without saying that at Cronnie Creative, we have certification from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out commercial work with drones!)

Fear breeds fear

A video featuring a lady claiming she was nearly hit by a drone.  Unluckily for her it was recording and showed it was nowhere near.  A frustrating example of the irrational reactions provoked by this equipment.

You probably don’t want to do that…

There have even been reports of people shooting down drones, which of course is a public danger in its own right. What’s more, by shooting down a drone, you’d actually be flying into legal problems yourself (it’s classed as hijacking an aircraft in the UK). If you do believe a drone is being flown illegally, taking a picture of it would definitely be a better (not to mention safer!) approach.

Ultimately, when it comes to drones, we need to have a re-think. The industry needs to do more to ensure greater public confidence and the press needs to stop undermining their benefits with fear. If drones are used and managed safely and correctly, the sky is indeed the limit!