Using Drones In The Construction Sector

Drones.  An opportunity to capture magnificent aerial footage of landmarks and sites that conventional filming and photography just couldn’t provide you with.  An opportunity to show something different.  To make the work you do stand out, show just how impressive it is and bring it to life.

But just how important is it within a sector such as construction?

Something different

Of course every company will claim to be different to the next.  Within the construction sector it can largely come down to reputation and your portfolio.  Not just that, but the way in which you present your portfolio is what can make you really memorable.

Case studies (and their lifespan value) are great.  They paint the picture and show just what you’re capable of achieving.  But what about changing the way in which you produce case studies?

The ability to capture impressive video and photos from unique angles, helping to show your work in a different light.  And this is where drones can come in.  For us marketers it’s great!  It’s impressive, it speaks volumes, it shows a company who uses modern technology and uses it to the best of its ability!

Above all, it can also be for partners.  For example, it can be an excellent piece of marketing material for Estate Agents to show prospective customers amazing shots of properties and buildings they’re trying to sell.

Quality content

Social media is just one piece of your content marketing strategy and increasingly we’re seeing it be used by brands to showcase their work; on their their Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.  Highlighting projects they’ve been involved in and putting their name out there to a much wider audience.  They’re building their brand.

Not all about marketing

We love to think everything is about marketing and making things look amazing, but there are plenty of other ways how drones can be used for the construction industry.  Such as:

  • 3D Mapping
  • Inspection Surveys
  • Facilitating communication, and
  • Supporting surveillance.

They can even be used to help with health and safety aspects, monitoring sites and identifying potential risks for employees.

Hand in hand

The use of drones in construction shouldn’t be done just for the sake of it.  With anything there has to be rhyme and reason and also behind that think about your brand and your company strategy.

  • Would it work for the projects you currently work on?
  • How would you best use it and how could your teams and partners use it?

You want to maximise its impact and show just how cost-effective a solution using drones in construction can really be.

The use of drones in any sector is growing.  Within construction it’s cleverly becoming the number one solution to showcase work.