The Rise Of Live Video

Who would have thought that 2016 would be the year that thousands of people would be glued to their screens watching… a puddle? Such is the power of the live video.

If you were living under a rock earlier this year, maybe you missed the viral sensation of the ‘Drummond Puddle’ when Newcastle-based marketing agency, Drummond Central, decided to use live-streaming app, Periscope, to film members of the public negotiating a rather large puddle. A simple idea that hugely captured people’s imaginations on an international scale.

Closer than ever

So what’s the attraction to live video? Well when it comes down to it, that raw, unedited, ‘anything can happen’ feel is a potent mix; addictive to the viewer in its authenticity. Increasingly it’s being used as a tool by both big brands and celebrities, enabling real time engagement with fans and followers.

The live video makes the brand or the person, seem accessible. It’s an opportunity to take a sneak peek into a different world, as it unfolds. The live video lets people in and breaks down barriers.

1st place, 2nd prize

Twitter was the pioneer in the field with the launch of Periscope and Facebook was hot on its heels in its response. Facebook Live launched to much acclaim with big brands such as Sky Sports engaging with the tool. Instagram’s recent addition of the live ‘story’ further capitalises on the trend. So whilst Twitter led the way, it could be argued that Facebook Live will have more longevity by building it into their core application, simplifying access. A good move when you consider the recent fate of Vine – a stand-alone application.

Live video has shifted the world of content marketing.  The interesting thing is the difficulty to anticipate reaction. The beauty of live video lies in its ability to be real – a pre-prepared live video is a contradiction in terms. It allows you to take risks with your content and be experimental. After all, in a time when footage of a puddle can blow up the internet, anything is possible!