Twitter kills off Vine. Will it be missed?

Today, 27 October 2016, Twitter has revealed that it’s video sharing service is to be discontinued in the coming months.

Vine is a platform that launched in June 2012 (acquired by Twitter in October 2012) that lets users share videos up to six-seconds which play on a loop.

Vine has given a platform to fame for content producers such as King Bach, Brittany Furlan and Jerome Jarre; for them it’ll be ‘thanks for the memories’ and focus more effort on their other social channels – of which they all have millions of followers so nobody will be disappearing overnight!

Running out of steam

With huge volumes of video content being shared online, it’s fair to say that Vine will have suffered a slowing growth with behemoths like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat enhancing their already feature-rich platforms with new video-based features.

Clearly there’s still place for short-form video but Twitter is streamlining their costs and incorporating new innovations into their core platform, seeing little need for a separate brand or app like Vine.  It’s a shame that we’ll lose a platform for creativity, but such is the current social revolution – there’ll always be something new.

The big boys

Facebook and Google have such a huge market-share that whenever a new trend appears, they’re agile enough to integrate their own version into their own products with ease (if they weren’t already planning something similar themselves).  It may be stating the obvious, but something huge is going to have to happen if we’re to see an end to such platforms being swallowed or sold to the big players.